About Devindra

With over a decade of experience in the world of print, web, video and sonic graphics, Devindra brings a unique spin on design. Having worked for HBO, ESPN’s Classic Sports, ABC Sports and other distinguished networks, his experience includes not only design, but all development and marketing aspects of multimedia, production and post-production.

Recently, Devindra won a Telly Award as producer for InformationWeek’s Valley View, a monthly web show. In 2011, producer CaerusPoint and production company Pixel1080 was the recipient of 11 Crystal Awards and 9 Telly Awards for their show “Major Decisions”. Again, Devindra was a lead cameraman and editor on this production.

Devindra’s unique approach to unifying web, print, sonic and artist imagery has elevated his client’s market perception. He has a creative mind with a great deal of respect for nostalgia. He is very passionate about his career in graphics and production not only for the creative outlet it provides but also for the required B2B negotiations and inventory management issues required. His passion and intensity is reflected through his work.

Please feel free to contact Devindra at dr@devindra.com 

Photo by Jerry Goldberg

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